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Discreetly tattoo the skin below and around your eyebrows to give them more shape, width, and intensity. We offer a wide range of techniques, both manual and mechanical, from the lite touch featherbrow to the deep ombre. Long lasting (18-24 months), this treatment is your eye & brow beauty routine’s best friend.

What do I get with my Cosmetic Tattooing Summer package?

A complimentary Eyelash Lift & tint:
An Eyelash Lift & Tint will restore that extra spark to your gaze. Similar to a perm for your lashes, we will be applying a silicone shield to them to shape them into a beautiful yet natural looking curve that will light up your face. The ideal treatment to be coupled with an eyebrow cosmetic tattoo.

A complimentary dermal treatment:
A Lactobotanical Peel is a powerful but gentle hydrating peel. Formulated from a synergistic marriage between chirally correct L-Lactic Acid and the patented Canadian Willowherb extract. This powerful combination contains skin renewing and collagen building agents that plump up your skin and shrink your pores! Suitable for dull lifeless skin, epidermal hyperpigmentation, congested skin, dehydrated skin, photo-ageing and ingrown hairs. This peel is your first step towards the skin you had when you were younger!


Epidermal Levelling is a cutting edge mechanical form of exfoliation, suitable for men and women of all skin tones and similar in theory to microdermabrasion. A sterile surgical scalpel gently removes the top layer of dead skin, the stratum corneum, as well as the fine vellus facial hair (aka peach fuzz). This gives the skin a smoother appearance as “peach fuzz” can trap excess dirt and oil and leave the complexion looking dull. The treatment is usually repeated every 3-4 weeks to maintain and continue results. The essential addition to a healthy make-up routine as the absence of peach fuzz will make application immensely more effective.

A complimentary Toni&Guy express service:
TONI&GUY Blow-Dry is designed to transcend the seasons. TONI&GUY’s dry styling menu offers timeless looks for any occasion, to suit all hair lengths and textures, from glossy and sleek to volumized and tousled.


TONI&GUY Styling – Come in to get a quick touch up by expert hair stylists, and look dashing for that event.

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